9 Reasons why Cervnia is the best ski resort in the world

Aaaaah Cervinia… It looks like a postcard and feels like a warm hug. I first visited Cervnia in 2003 with my father- while he scouted for new resorts to send our South African clients to.
And, much like my father, I fell in love with it instantly. The friendly locals, the small but busy pubs, the many ski slopes to choose from. It’s every skiers dream!
In my humble opinion, it’s the best Europe has to offer and here’s why:

The Guarenteed Snow

I’d be remiss if I didn’t put this at the top of the list! With an altitude of 2050m above sea level- you are GUARENTEED snow over the peak winter season, with many referring to the resort as “Snow sure”.
I have gone to Cervinia countless times and have never (I mean never) been disappointed. Bright alpine days are interespersed with spectacular snowfall to give you a skiing experience unparalleled anywhere on earth! There’s a reason why Cervinia is an annual stop for many die-hard skiers who return again and again.

A snow covered mountain hut, 2015 [Photo credit: Calvin Miller]
My husband, my friend and me making a snowman on Cervinia main street, 2009

Kilometers and Kilometers of slopes connect you to surrounding towns and more slopes!

I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating but there are just so many slopes surrounding Cervinia- for skiers of all skill levels. According to SkiLine, there are 77 km of blue slope, 220 km of red slope and 63 km of black slope in Breuil-Cervinia alone. Most of these slopes are accessed by going up the mountain from Cervinia town by ski lift or cable car, and many of them will get you to other towns- including Zermatt in Switzerland!
There really is something for everything- not matter how long you’ve been skiing!

The Slopes of Breuil-Cervinia, 2015 [Photo Credit: Diana Alagem]
The South African Flag flies outside a Cervinia pub, 2015 [Photo Credit: Diana Alagem]
Our friend enjoying the slopes, 2015 [Photo Credit: Diana Alagem]

The Friendly Locals

To be honest, I nearly put this point at the top of the list! The Cervinian townsfolk are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met! From a kind hotel-owning family that have become like my own family, to a friendly restauranteur who never fails to greet us with a smile- my memories of the locals are filled with warm greetings and friendly service. If you find yourself in Cervinia, take a walk around the town and greet some of the locals- and maybe pop into one of the many restaurants and bars along the main street. You may even meet some of the brave mountaineers living in town- who are often more than happy to recount their harrowing tales of scaling the Matterhorn!

One of the locals, who is like a sister to me {Photo Credit: Giuiia Perruquet]
Sylvana and Franco the kind and gracious owners of the Perruquet

The Views

Cervinia has some of the most breath-taking views I have ever seen- both in the town and at the top of the slops!
If you ever find yourself in Cervinia and want to find views, just look up. The mountains around Cervinia loom over the town in a spectacular display of might and at night the snowfall glows bright white against the steep cliffs.

Take a chair lift or a cable car up to Plan Maison or Plateau Rosa and take your camera! The magnificent mountains and valleys roll out beneath you for miles, glistening in fresh snow. And still, despite how high up you are, the Matterhorn will always be renlentlessly towering above you- with whisps of snow coming off it’s peak in the wind; a reminder of the immense size of the Alps and the might of the event that formed them.
These views pale in comparison to anything I’ve seen before and are worth a trip to Cervinia just to see them.

The Nightlife

While it may not be known for it’s party scene in the same way as, say, Berlin or New York- Cervinia has a pumping nightlife in the peak months. Restaurants, pubs and clubs are scattered throughout this small, quiet town- some hidden from site down safe back alleys.
Despite this, not much of this noise can be heard from the comfort of your hotel room- and the local hotel and club owners have ensured this- some by creative means. One pub, the Yeti, even has egg boxes on the roof to keep noice from permeating out of the busy bar.

Some of our clients enjoying the nightlife, 2015 [Photo Credit: Diana Alagem}
Ciara and Tony enjoying some apres ski beverages
Our clients with Tony enjoying happy hour on the main street, 2015 [Photo Credit: Diana Alagem}

The Matterhorn

While I have mentioned the views- the Matterhorn really does deserve a special mention. Standing in the valley, looking up at the the infamous mountain and the ridge surrounding Cervinia, I wouldn’t blame you if you were reminded of how very small and young we are when compared to this ancient, hulking giant.
This mountain has inspired poets, artists and chocolatiers- and it deserve every bit of awe it receives!

The Beauty of the Town

Not only are the views of the surrounding mountains an incredible site to behold, but the town itself is picturesque.
Cervinia is a small town, made up of one main street and a number of side streets. On one side of the town is the valley, and on the other you’ll find the bottom of the ski slopes at the foot of the Matterhorn.
A¬†little chapel with an hourly bell sits at the entrance to the village and a little stream runs parallel to the main street. It’s quaint and pretty, yet large enough to hold secrets around every corner!
A huge plus: it’s pedestrian only (except for the occassional taxi driver and local with a permit)! So you can wander around town with small kids and shop to your heart’s content without worrying about cars!

Mountains loom above the town [Photo Credit: Calvin Miller]
The sign for my favourite holel [Photo Credit: Calvin Miller]
A snowy day on Cervinia Main Street [Photo Credit: Calvin Miller]
Cervinia in a snow storm [Photo Credit: Jethro Garrett]

New Years Eve

NYE is one of the best times of the year in Cervinia! Fireworks, a skiing show on the slopes complete with torches and lights projected onto the mountain, and a town-wide party are some of the more memorable events that take place over these two days.

The fireworks and sking show happens the night before New Year and it gives the children in the skiing classes a chance ot show off their new skills. Dress warmly- it can get chilly standing outside in the cold, but it’s totally worth it!

Lights go up on the main street for Christmas [Photo Credit: Calvin Miller]
All eyes turn to the slopes for the NYE celebrations [Photo Credit; Diana Alagem]

There are other things to do too

If you’re not much of a skier, or if you’re travelling with someone who’s not much of a skier- then Cervinia is for you! 
There are a number of other activites to do- from snow carting (think go-carts on snow), ice-skating and skidooing to exploring the snow park, taking in the views and eating at the faboulous restaurants. You can even see real St Bernards with the little barrels around their necks- which makes for an awesome photo opportunity!

Whole thing dark blue 2

Please note: These are all my opinions. Noone has paid me a cent, and won't in the future. I just love Cervinia and love to write about it!

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9 Reasons Cervinia is the best ski resort in the world

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