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Those that ski together, stay together

It has often been said that families who ski together, stay together; and I have to say I agree!
Now, I’m not suggesting that a skiing trip will help you avoid any and all conflict in a family- but it is an excellent way to bond with your family and friends! I’ve been on skiing trips with either or both of my parents since I turned 4- and they are some of the best and happiest memories of my life! I’ve thought a lot about why these holidays bring people together the way they do and I have some thoughts!


On  a skiing holiday you would usually stay quite close to your companions for large portions of time. Whether skiing, sitting on the ski lift, stopping in at a mountain hut for lunch, waiting for slower skiers on the slope’s edge, meeting for Apres ski, eating dinner at the local restaurant and spending snowy days indoors- there is still a bit of down time on a ski holiday! All that time together will bring families closer together than ever before- and the teenagers can’t be on their phone for most of it!

Unique Memories

Spending a weekend or a couple of weeks high up in snow capped mountains is an utterly unique experience. You have the chance to see and do things you wouldn’t be able to see or do anywhere else! The thrills, the views, the snow, the off-slope activities- you certainly wont forget  this holiday anytime soon!
Having these experiences with your family and friends creates a bond and fond feeling for years to come- and makes for great stories or material for reminiscing too!
My dad and I both share a great love of skiing- and we often reminisce about the funny things that we’ve seen or done. 
Once, he lost me in a German mountain hut and found me with the kind restarant owner in a private room off the bar. There I was, 6 years old, with my ski boots off and my feet propped up in front of her hearth- a mug of hot chocolate in hand.
Another time, we went to Bulgaria and I spent time every day with a sweet street vendor who sold CDs (named George), and I listened to “Barbie Girl” by Aqua over and over and over again until eventually George gifted me my very first CD.
Another time, as a stupid teenager, I took my now-husband and friend on what was meant to be an easy blue slope down into a small village- and we ended up on a perilous black slope that my friend flew down like a bullet because she couldn’t stop. (We cry real tears when we retell this story to one another, and as I write this I am laughing because I have this hilarious image of my friend flying down the slope, her black hair blowing in the wind, as she crashes into a pile of fresh snow.)
If you go skiing with your family you will spend many a night cry-laughing at the day’s antics, sights and thrills, even years later!

It's Science

Speaking of thrills, research indicates that adreneline facilitates bonding- and skiing will definitely get that blood pumping! Families and friends who do activities that produce adreneline (such as rollercoasters, excercise and, yes, skiing) report feeling closer and more bonded to each other. Academic research also indicates that couples benefit from these activities too- as findings suggest that adreneline impacts levels of warm feelings towards one another, physical affection and sexual attraction.

Me, my husband and our friend building a snowman
Me and my dad in a small village in Italy

Making friends

Ski holidays are a great way to  make friends with other people and even whole families- and sometimes reconnect with old friends! 
I have made life-long friends with tons of people I have met in Ski resorts.
In Cervinia- which, if you read this blog you will know is my favourite ski resort- many of the locals have become good friends of ours. Giulia, the adventurous and humble waitress from the Perruquet, is like a sister to me and her aunt, Sylvana, is one of my father’s best friends.
Many of our clients became close friends of our family- even joining in the celebrations at our wedding a few years ago! Playing backgammon, going for happy hour, skiing the slopes, meeting up for lunch- these are just some of the ways I got to know my new friends and made lasting memories with awesome photos! In restaurants, bars, cafes and mountain huts I have met and made friends with people from all over the world- Russia, France, England, Australia and South Africa to name just a few!
And as a bonus, I reconnected with a childhood friend that I hadn’t seen in 12 years while in Cervinia, and we spent a lot of time together skiing and getting to know one another again! And while we still live in different countries my husband and I still consider him a treasured friend!
Ski holidays are care-free, happy, snowy fun! And its hard not to make friends while you’re out having a good time!


A ski holiday is just tons of fun for everyone! Young or old- it’s really hard to be unhappy when you’re frolicking in the snow.  From skiing down pristine slopes and making snow angels in freshly fallen snow, to wandering around town meeting locals and having snowball fights when things get quiet- it’s quite literally a dream holiday! All of those experiences will bring you closer than ever- and you’ll get the most amazing family holiday pics too! 

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Family Matters: Those that ski together, stay together

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