Ski Etiquette

Some advice by Champagne Skiing

Respect for others – do not be dis-courteous to others. Always lend a helping hand.

Speed control – always ski at a speed where you feel in control of your technique so you don’t endanger others.

Overtaking – always leave enough space for the person being overtaken to make any voluntary or involuntary movement. Especially give beginners extra room.

Signs and warnings – observe all posted signs and warnings.

Stopping on the slope – always stop downhill from the person you are joining, and stop in a place where you are out of the path of other skiers, and ensure you are easily visible from above.

Right of way – the person downhill from you always has right of way. You must avoid them, not the other way around.

Starting out after a stop – when starting out again or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.

Leaving the trail – if you need to climb or descend a slope on foot, always keep to the side of the piste.

Accidents – if you are involved in or witness an accident, always exchange names, phone numbers and addresses. Know the signs for calling medics if someone is injured.

Devices – always use devices to prevent runaway equipment. Always carry a whistle. Always have a Recco sewn into your jacket if skiing off piste. Always carry a piste map. Always check the weather forecast.

Sharing is caring – if you want to ride the lift together wait outside the lift line for your partners. Share your lunch table with others. Don’t jump queues.

Improve your knowledge – ask experts, and not just anyone who offers an opinion. Your knowledge will keep you and your fellow skiers safe.