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The mountains are renowned for having unpredictable weather. Having the right type of clothing is vital as all skiers and boarders need to be prepared for low temperatures, wind, rain or snow!

shop-exterior-1A weatherproof outer layer of jacket and pants will provide the first prevention against the elements. Adding different layers underneath will control your thermal and comfort requirements. Thanks to layering systems and developments in fabrics and insulation technology, being warm and comfortable on the slopes is affordable.

Layering is effective as you will receive warmth and comfort when a series of garments are worn. More than one layer is more effective thermally than one thick layer. Garments can be added or taken off as the temperature, dictates.

Ski ShopImportant in this layering system is that fabrics used should allow body perspiration to flow through. To achieve this, fabrics are produced with wicking qualities and therefore transfer moisture away from the skin.

Accessories are essential in completing your insulation and protection against the weather! These include ski gloves, beanie, earmuffs or scarf/beanie with drawstring toggle,scarf, socks sunglasses and goggles.